VIDEO: City Councilman Encourages People To Throw Rocks At Police Who Are Apprehending Criminals

When we as American citizens cast our vote for an elected government official we expect that official to be both responsible and to follow the law, and to hopefully set a good example to those citizens he or she represents.

However all too often we find those we’ve elected have disappointed us with their lack of common sense, knowledge or simple good taste.

It seems that the list of incompetent legislators we send to Washington or to State Capitals grows every year, take for example Sheila Jackson Lee, a Democratic legislator from Texas, who actually thinks our Constitution is 400 years old, and that astronauts planted a flag on Mars.

Lee is obviously not the brightest bulb within Congress, however there are more egregious situations as to whether a politician is dimwitted or not.

What I suggest, we get the Black leadership together, and as these jurisdicitons come into Jackson, we throw rocks and bricks and bottles at them…


Councilman Kenneth Stokes of Jackson Mississippi, is a prime example of an elected official that is actually calling for violence against law enforcement.
And to that end actually threatening police officers, by announcing; “When you have these police officers coming from other jurisdictions and they will not respect human life then I said we should use rocks bricks or bottles to try to get the message over stop endangering our children.”

Stokes isn’t asking that members of his city pressure their elected officials to make changes in the laws that would prevent police officers from crossing into another city’s jurisdiction.

What Stokes is calling for, is a full-blown assault on the members of the police force.

It is a deliberate instigation of violence that could have fatal consequences for police officers and citizens alike.


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  1. Are the people of Jackson Mississippi willing to have their town destroyed for this man’s idiotic views. He wants a war, then all of you will pay for it!!!!

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