Trump Just Did The Most INCREDIBLE Thing For Florida That Will Save Lives From Irma


It’s remarkable how hard the media tries to bring our President down, despite the overwhelming evidence that he is doing a great job!

And that includes what he has done for Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and what he is doing for Florida as it braces against Hurricane Irma.


Watch this raving review of our President’s performance:

(Courtesy of CBS Los Angeles via

Professor Caroline Heldman thinks Trump did a great job with Harvey, and he continues to bring relief from that hurricane. She says “we are starting to see him shine.” She went on to say that he is doing “an exceptionally good job” regarding hurricane relief.

According to Florida Governor Rick Scott, Trump talks with him “pretty much every day.” And Trump told him “I will provide whatever resources you need.” Scott himself has said that “we will spare no expense to save every life in this state.”

So, together, Trump and Scott are determined to do whatever is necessary to save lives in the midst of this second natural disaster to hit our sweet country in the past few weeks.

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