Thug Punches Female Teacher In The Face…Then Surprising HERO DESTROYS Thug’s FACE! (VIDEO)

This is unexpected in the world we live in today. It’s not often we get to hear about the Good Samaritans that walk among us, ESPECIALLY minor students in a classroom setting.

A year ago, we had story after story come out, about another student who has beat their teacher or degraded them in some loud shouting match. It was actually very frustrating.

Here is one that had went viral…

After watching this more than infuriating video, you are going to really appreciate what this kid did for his teacher.

It appears there was a brawl that had already broke out among two male students. The teacher simply tried to break the fight up…and during her attempt one of the students walloped her right in the face.

It was at that point that a separate student who was just minding his own business and listening to music, sprung into action. He steadied his fist, wound it back waiting for the right moment and SWUNG!


It was a one hit quitter. He hit that teacher punching kid in the face so hard he ate dirt… I mean, flat out flew, hit the ground…ate dirt.

It was so fast that you almost couldn’t tell who swung at him in the first place!

Then the other hooligan who was in the fight tried to take advantage of the situation and jumped on top of the kid while he laid on the ground to continue beating him down.

At this point, the good samaritan grabbed him too by the shirt and threw him off….like he weighed no more than a feather!

It’s incredible the strength this kid had to do what he did, and it was all ignited by his upset over the teacher being struck. Before that he couldn’t have cared less what was going down…he had his music.

Here, witness this for yourself… I don’t condone violence, but in this case…it was necessary.









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