Squatters Steal Soldier’s Home, Then His Brothers In Uniform Show Up To Serve Up Justice

While stationed in Hawaii for two years, a couple of lowlife squatters broke into his New Port Richery, Florida home and started living in it. When he finally came back to Florida after working hard for the military, Army Spc. Michael Sharkey was eager to move back to his home with his wife.

But when he got off the plane in Florida, he discovered that squatters had taken over his property. And when he told them the home belonged to him, they flat-out refused to leave.

Because he had been on duty for the last two years, Sharkey and his wife have not lived in Florida. That’s why they were shocked to discover the two ex-cons who had broken in and claimed it as their own…

When he confronted the criminals about their unlawful stay at his home, they told him that they were not leaving. And that they had changed the locks and everything.

“I work hard, long hours, and these people never had permission to live in my home,” the outraged serviceman told the station WFLA. “They should be thrown out.”

Sharkey called the authorities. And they told the veteran that there was nothing they could do to help him. He was up creek without a paddle, and the government he had worked for during the last two years left him high and dry. He needed help from someone, but no one seemed willing to help the veteran.

“They are criminals,” said Sharkey to WFLA. “I am serving my country, and they have more rights to my home than I do.”

Police refused to both the squatting couple, Julio Ortiz and Fatima Cardosa. They had established residency, so Sharkey would need to spend thousands to take them to civil court.

Ortiz claimed he had a verbal agreement with Sharkey’s friend who was supposedly overseeing the home while his friend was off serving the country. Ortiz said he was allowed to live there for free if he made all house repairs.

Sharkey and his friend say that Ortiz is lying. But Ortiz has the law behind him…

“The people that are in this house cannot produce any documentation, lease, agreement, anything that they belong in that house,” said Sharkey.

Word got out that Sharkey was being victimized. That’s when a group of military veteran bikers took swift action. Since the police did not help Sharkey when he needed them, this renegade biker gang figured they give it a shot.

The biker gang visited Ortiz and Cardosa to “peacefully make the squatters uncomfortable.”

And it worked!

Ortiz and Cardosa fled the scene almost immediately. They packed up their belongings and left the home for good.

Sharkey and his wife were so grateful to the group of military veteran bikers. They had saved the day and stepped up to the plate, when the government and the police force had let Sharkey down.

Do you think the police should have kicked Ortiz and Cardosa off the property when Sharkey returned?


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