Sarah Huckabee Just Revealed the TRUE Reason She LOVES Working for President Trump


Sarah Huckabee Sanders is known for her quick thinking in daily White House press briefings and her response to this reporter’s question perfectly sums up what we love about the press secretary.

During an interview on Christian Broadcasting Network’s “Faith Nation” last week, Huckabee, who is on break from press briefings while the President is away from the White House, talked about her new role as White House press secretary and the media’s hatred of President Trump.


The show host fielded a viewer question that asked Sarah how she became so good at her tough job of fielding rabid reporters’ questions on the fly. Her answer makes so much sense!

“I think for me, it’s real simple and I know I’ve brought this up before but I’m a mom of three preschoolers. They are five, three-and-a-half, and two so 1) I’m used to multitasking. 2) I’m used to answering the same question over and over and over again. And I’m used to the answer not going over well. I’m used to a lot of crying and screaming after those answers come out. So, sometimes I think being a mom has perfectly prepared me to deal with the press corps.”

This answer is SPOT ON! Sarah is likening the press corps to dealing with toddlers and she’s absolutely right! Go Sarah!

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