Reporters FLIPPING Out About Shocking Thing Trump Has In His Hand In This Pic From Japan

Trump has recently took a moment to connect with nature amidst the pain and suffering in Texas and unifying with Japan against North Korea to feed some fish in Koi pond.

He made the gesture and him and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe laughed afterward. The leaders fed the Koi in a pond at Akasaka Palace. Check out the video below and see if you can see the sick thin CNN does to him in the video.


Did you see what CNN left out? The left out that Shinzo Abe actually did it first in the video.

The leftists on twitter started attacking the President based on videos like that CNN one above.

This is what happens to your brain on liberalism supplied by false reporting. That’s because reporters hate that it looks like Trump and Shinzo Abe have so much fun together.

Share this to help in the fight against the lying media and to show the world what Trump really did in Japan today.


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