Onlooker Spots Veteran At Basketball Game, Shocked After Cops Approach Him

The officers with the veteran

An average high school basketball game in Ohio has turned into a public spectacle after two police officers approached a veteran in the crowd. In fact, when one particular onlooker spotted the officers approaching the man, the individual snapped a pic after being absolutely stunned to see what the men in blue did.

As the National Anthem played at the Meadowbrook Colt’s High School Basketball game in Byesville, Ohio, a member of the crowd was shocked when he spotted two officers, Deputy Matt Terrell and Lt. Curtis Braniger, after they approached a disabled veteran in a wheelchair. Luckily, the onlooker felt compelled to snap a quick photo to document the ordeal – and it’s a good thing he did.

When the officers from the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office saw the veteran attempting to stand on his own for the National Anthem, they knew that they needed to help. Without hesitating, they immediately approached the man and helped him stand proud during the National Anthem; a kind gesture by the officers.

Onlooker Spots Veteran At Basketball Game, Shocked After Cops Approach Him

The disabled veteran standing for the National Anthem (Source: America Going Blue)

The onlooker’s photo is now going viral after it was posted to both the America Going Blue and Ohio Going Blue Facebook pages. Many people commented on the officers’ kindness as it was something not too many people would do for a person in a wheelchair, and being that it was a veteran only made the gesture that much more symbolic.

“Witnessed it first hand and it sent chills through my body!!!” one user wrote, while someone else added, “Saw that in person. Brought tears to my eyes. God bless our men and women in blue.” Another user said, “Now that’s a true patriot,” and I couldn’t agree more.

t’s a shame that we live in a country where overpaid professional athletes refuse to stand for the National Anthem, while disabled veterans are left struggling to pay their respects and honor their country. These athletes and public figures should truly be embarrassed by their actions, considering they wouldn’t have the luxury to express their idiotic opinions without the sacrifices that the true heroes of our country have made and continue to make. Thankfully, we have men and women like these officers who will step up and ensure that every single one of our country’s heroes is given the respect that they deserve.


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