Obama Proves He’s The Biggest Racist In America With Sick Thing He Just Did To White Family Of Tortured Teen


The humble/heartbroken family of the special needs Chicago man who was tortured by four black people have spoken. They looked lost for words…utterly devastated, but they cooperated with the press and answered questions as best they could without breaking down. The disturbing hate crime shocked them to their core, but through all of their sadness they still left a spark of gratitude burning, they wanted to personally thank everyone for all of the support and love they have received.

The crime was streamed live on Facebook, the coverage swept the nation as fast as an electrical fire due to the extreme senseless violence in this racially motivated attack.


As you observe the families demener during the interview it’s plain to see their heartbreak, yet they somehow maintain their dignity. There were no calls for riots, or race-baiting antics.

Despite the low level of audio, you can still tell what the reporters questions are, but there’s something else you may be able to detect gratitude. This is one very classy family, they amazingly answered every question without an ounce of rage oozing from their bodies. You can’t They definitely took the high road, even though their loved one was taken advantage of because of a weakness he has, his family was strong and pushed through such a disturbing tragedy.

When will people learn that getting angry is only a lack of self-control? Anger makes you weak! Do the thugs that attacked this boy feel strong and powerful anymore? I doubt it, they are rotting in jail paying for the disgusting crime they committed.

If Obama and Al Sharpton actually cared about racial crimes why are they not forcefully denouncing this attack? Maybe they could take a lesson or two from this family about the correct way to treat people.



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