Dad Pulls Syrian Refugee Rapist Off Daughter, Isn’t Finished With Him Yet


Muslim migrants are assaulting and raping their way across Europe. Fortunately, there are still men who will shun political correctness to protect the innocent.

After a man caught a Syrian refugee dragging his severely beaten daughter into the bushes to rape her, he quickly intervened. While the asylum seeker easily overpowered the poor girl, he immediately realized that he’d met his match when her furious father arrived.

As the left floods the West with millions of Muslim migrants, they seem oddly surprised when their new guests bring with them the violence and misogyny they perpetuate in their home countries. Unfortunately, it takes the most heinous crimes in their own backyards for liberals to realize that not all cultures are equal, especially ones based on a violent religious ideology.


The Express reports that when a 23-year-old girl was walking home from a club in Kleve, Germany, in the early hours of Sunday morning, she realized that a strange man was following her. Becoming increasingly afraid, the clever young woman texted her 57-year-old father, telling him, “There’s a man following me home, dad…”

As any good dad would do, the panicked father hopped on the nearest mode of transportation, a push-scooter, and rushed to his daughter’s location. When he arrived, he witnessed his little girl, bloodied and beaten nearly unconscious as her attacker, a Syrian refugee, dragged her toward some hedges. It was then that his fatherly instincts kicked in.

The man leaped off the scooter, screaming at the top of his lungs, and began beating the refugee rapist much worse than the migrant had beaten his daughter. After the father had subdued the asylum seeker with multiple blows, he held him down on the ground and called the police and an ambulance on his cell phone, according to Daily Mail.

Dad Pulls Syrian Refugee Rapist Off Daughter, Isn't Finished With Him Yet
After a young woman managed to text her dad that someone was following her, the dedicated father showed up just in the nick of time, leaving the migrant attacker in worse condition than the refugee rapist left his daughter.

When authorities arrived, they reported that the Syrian was “heavily intoxicated” but still managed to put up a fight. The unnamed suspect faces charges of assault and attempted sexual assault, the last of which would’ve been carried out had it not been for the brave father’s actions.

Fortunately, the daughter was released shortly after treatment at a local hospital. Her dad, on the other hand, is being hailed a hero by the authorities.

“This man in a hero,” said police. “He saved his own daughter from something terrible happening to her.”

Police added that the woman was only walking the 2-mile trek home after she was unable to get a cab from the club. Sadly, a taxi might have been just as dangerous, as Muslim drivers are making headlines for assaulting and raping young women.

While anyone with a hint of common decency would agree that this man is a hero, it would come as a surprise to many if he wasn’t placed under investigation while the migrant offender was released. Like much of Europe, Germany has fallen to political correctness, which often sees migrant criminals protected from justice.

Just last week, 48-year-old Kyle Tyrrell, a retired Iraq war veteran from Australia, revealed his heroic actions when a group of Muslim migrants attacked his wife last year. Tyrrell explained that after his wife, Liana, warned the men that they were illegally fishing in a wildlife sanctuary, they shouted “white sl**” and “white w***e” before one of them punched her in the face.

Having an extensive background in self-defense, Tyrrell was prepared to take on all 8 of the men. Luckily, after he easily overpowered the first migrant, the rest backed off.

Incredibly, no charges were filed against the Muslim attackers. Of course, the same can’t be said about Tyrrell. The veteran was placed under investigation, possibly while police searched for evidence of a hate crime, considering the migrants’ Muslim backgrounds.

One year later, Tyrrell was finally able to come forward to tell media that the attackers were, in fact, Muslims. He divulged that the men cited their religious bigotry, telling his wife that her husband should “teach her a lesson.”

Fortunately, not every man in the West has become a pussified liberal who’d let political correctness and the multicultural dream get in the way of humanity. These women were blessed to have men in their lives who would risk being called “racist” or chastised for their “white privilege” in the face of evil.



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