BOMBSHELL: Israel Just Gave Trump This Evidence Which Proves Obama is NOT Who He Says He Is

Barry Obama is on a warpath to cause chaos in D.C. before he gets booted from the White House on January 20, 2017, and replaced with the President Elect, Donald Trump.

When Obama isn’t golfing or spending tax payer money on Hawaii trips, then he’s doing things that make no sense, like not working with Israel.


Now why wouldn’t our President work with Israel to help fight the radical Islamic terrorists? Israel is a great ally to have on our side in the fight against terror. So what’s that lead us to speculate? The one thing that Americans will not want to hear. That Obama is a Muslim and he’s working with the funding of terrorism? I don’t even want to imagine something like that happening.

That’s something you see in an episode of Homeland, not something we’re supposed to experience in real life.

The sad thing is, this could really be our reality. Obama could be a Muslim terrorist hiding in plain sight.

Is that why Netanyahu wanted to speak to Donald Trump directly, instead of Obama?

What’s all the fuss about Israel anyway? It’s a small blip on the map compared to the rest of the area over there. What’s really going on? That’s what we need to investigate.

I really hope Obama isn’t a Muslim terrorist. The Iran deal was bad enough. This nonsense is not good for America.

Watch this video and tell us what you think about Obama. Who is he?


YesImRight reports – The Obama Administration, headed by his bumbling idiot of a Secretary of State, John Kerry, refused to vote on the expansion of Israeli settlements, condemning the act and pledging de-facto support for Hamas, an organization that routinely uses children as human shields and employs strong propaganda to force the liberal media into falling for its evil cause of wiping Israel from the face of the planet.

That’s why Benjamin Netanyahu has taken it upon himself to speak to Donald Trump and reveal newfound evidence that suggests Barack Obama was behind the anti-Israel draft that gifted holy sites to Muslims, and the cause of major anti-Semitic activity in the region, and proving, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that Obama is in cahoots with America’s enemies.


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  1. Obama only used Jews and prayed by the Great Wall to make Jews to vote for him but being a racist and antisemite,anti Christian now he shows his real self!!!

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