After Arriving In China Trump Looked Into Camera And Everyone Saw SCARY Thing Behind Him

Huge news and it’s hot off the presses. Trump is doing something scary big right now as people sleep. The creepy media will never talk about what you are about to see.

I’m serious. Trump arrived in Beijing on Wednesday and received a dinner inside the Forbidden City, according to Daily News. Check out the amazing video below. This is going to go down in history. You see that scary big, reddoor behind Trump in the video below. Wait till you see what it means. Trump is the first President that has been given a state dinner at the Forbidden City. Trump isn’t the first U.S. president to be given a state dinner at the Forbidden city.The Chinese are going all out to impress our President because they need to work with him. They need to work together to take out the threat that is North Korea.


“Now some people might call him the king,” Trump said about Xi last month.Itlooks like he’s getting the king’s welcome now. Share this if you are so proud of our President.Iy look at how the Chinese treat him. Way better than Obama that’s for sure.


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